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Is there a monthly fee for being an instructor?
Is there a monthly fee for being an instructor?
No monthly subscription fees for instructors - HeyBrain provides the tech for course creators to reach the masses and share their knowledge.
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No, there is no monthly fee to be an instructor with HeyBrain. You can use the online learning platform to host and support your courses without paying a monthly fee.

To onboard as an instructor and start loading up your course is a quick and simple process! Sign up here today.

To learn more about HeyBrain's Instructor Terms and how the pricing structure and revenue share works for courses sold on the HeyBrain platform and mobile app, read more.

We strive to make a difference by helping course creators to grow and thrive in today's digital era. We help with the hosting, support and empowering people through a simple platform and mobile app to grow with e-learning.

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